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Residential Disposals

GEMS has an effective e-Waste disposal system for residential enquiries as well. GEMS can remove any kind of electrical and electronic waste with the exception of lighting materials. We offer a wide variety of pickup services, making it easy for our customers to discard e-Waste and recycle from home.
Waste Pick Up/ Drop Service
GEMS has a process where we would register your enquiry and then come and pick up your materials or provide a drop service. An acknowledgement would be given for the materials lifted
Bulk Waste Pick Up
GEMS also does bulk residential disposals. We do these kind of disposal in a large community based area
GEMS also takes up eWaste Awarness campaigns with media groups, Residential Associations and Corporate Houses. Following are some of such campaigns carried out.
  • Awareness Campaign with Deccan Chronicle, Chennai
  • Awarenes cum Collection Campaign with L& TSerene County
  • Avinashilingam University
  • Chettinad Vidyashram
  • Schools in Hyderabad