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Incandescent Lamp Destruction

GEMS Recycling Private Limited has partnered up with C-Quest Capital to do Incandescent Lamp Destruction. C-Quest Capital is a carbon finance business that works in the poorest communities around the world to reduce humanity’s carbon footprint, while enabling people in the community to transform their lives. 
CQC is working with the Government of India to implement the National Bachat Lamp Yojana (BLY) program of the Ministry of Power’s Bureau of Energy Efficiency. In this program, families in India can replace inefficient incandescent light bulbs (ICLs) with efficient compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) at a reduced cost to lower peak energy demand and to reduce the extent of blackouts.
  • Replacing each ICL with a CFL results in an 80% reduction in electricity consumption.
  • Families purchase CFLs at a cost of 15 INR (far below the market rate of 75-105 INR), which they recover within 6-10 weeks through savings on their electricity bills.
  • CQC has distributed more than 2.8 million CFLs to families, and is on track to distribute another 3.5 million CFLs by the end of the year.
  • The bulbs already distributed are anticipated to generate roughly 1.4 million CERs over their lifespan (about 8 years).
The ICLs that are replaced by CQC are collected and GEMS team goes and destroyed by GEMS team.   
Since the replacement of ICL is funded by various national and international organisation, the process of desctruction is done in a controlled environment in the presence of client, certifying bodies and government agencies. 
The following documents are produced by GEMS to the client.