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Supporting Artisans

GEMS supports a section of artisians in West Bengal to ciontinue their traditional livelihood based on artefact making. GEMS also makes fancy jewellary from e-Waste which are gifted towards revenue generation for social casues. A few models are presented below: It may be ordered online.

'NO TOBACCO' Initiative

Some of the volunteers of GEMS propogate ill effects of consumption of Tobacco. This initiative is currently operational only in Hyderabad and is spearheaded by Mr. Gulam Muhammed Adil, who has atleast converted 200+ individuals. They are issued a certificate and certain medical benefits. 

GEMS Invites volunteers from all locations in the country to spread this message. Volunteers are compensated based on results. 

No Tobacco
No Tobacco 1
No Tobacco 2
Supporting Cow Based Livelihood

GEMS also supports few communities in Tamil Nadu that operate a non-sustainable 'Cow Grazing' based livelihood. This practice, is very  vital for chemical free agriculture is long forgotten in the country as an important source of macronutrients, micronutrients and microorganisms. This practice, where hundreds of cows are maintained as herd and travel across the state, is kept in open farms just before cultivation. The dung and urine excreted by this large number of cows fertilises the soil. After one or two sittings, the land is ploughed and cultivation starts.

The practice is long forgotten and hence this community finds it difficult to survive. Ironically, the cows are not milked as the sale of milk is forbidden. The only source of income is by 'Kidai' (staying in farm) and sale of manure.

GEMS Supports an initaitive that makes value added products from these 'cow dung' such as tooth powder and dish-wash powder.

Jewel design 1
Jewel design 2
Jewel design 3
Jewel design 4
Jewel design 5
Jewel design 6
Jewel design 7